Microsoft Edge Not Working on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Not Working Windows 10 ?

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Working

From time to time Microsoft rolls down new and interactive features for its clients and therefore users are very fond of Microsoft. Microsoft has also launched a new and compatible browser for Windows 10 which is known as Microsoft edge. Although Microsoft edge runs in a smooth manner, yet at various times users experience some kind of issues with Microsoft edge. These problems can range from Microsoft edge has become quite slow, Microsoft edge has completely stopped working. So, if you are also confronting the issues of Microsoft edge not working, then let’s see what can be the possible fixes to Microsoft edge.

 If Microsoft edge is not working, then first of all you must check the Wi-Fi connection. If everything is OK with Wi-Fi connection, then proceed towards some other steps.
 The next solution that you can try out when Microsoft edge is not working to clean boot the personal computer you are using. To clean boot your computer follow the below-mentioned steps:
 First of all press the key R along with the Windows logo key. After that you are required to write “Misconfigure” and the hit enter.
 After that you will view a service tab, click on it, and again click on don’t show Microsoft service boxes. Further you should click on disable tab to execute the process further.
 Now, go directly to open task manager and disable each and every item you see in the open task manager. After that you can choose to restart the computer once you have closed the task manager in a proper manner.
 One more step that you can take in case Microsoft edge is not working, you can uninstall and then try to reinstall the power shell.
 If you still feel that Microsoft edge is not working, then you can try to clear the history along with cache and cookies. This will make your way easy and Microsoft edge will again start working properly.

In case, you still feel that there are so many other options that you can take is Microsoft edge not working Windows 10, then doesn’t worry as you can take a lot of alternate options to root out the issues related to Microsoft edge not working on Windows 10 or not responding.

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