Internet Explorer Not Working

How to Fix Internet Explorer not Working on Windows 7 & 8

Internet Explorer Not Working

Internet is the life blood of day-to-day routine. Indeed. Nowadays, no activity is performed without Internet. Whether it is online shopping, booking a movie ticket, referring a map or preparing for exams, everything is done with the help of internet. There are various browsers inbuilt & a person can use Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. But today we will discuss about Internet Explorer. A lot of people have complained about Internet Explorer & people saying that Internet Explorer doesn’t work well or Internet Explorer has stopped working. The problem arises mainly from faulty .dll files intruding files of iexplore.exe. Internet Explorer depends on .dll files. Sometimes, it happens like the Internet Explorer stops working, but we need solution to fix this problem of browser.

How to fix Internet Explorer Not Working on Windows 7 & 8:

1. Reset Internet Explorer
2. Install & launch the internet explorer browser on the laptop or PC.
3. Visit Tools menu
4. Click the Internet Options & then Click “Advanced” button.
5. Then click on “Reset” button, click “Delete Personal Settings” & finally, click on the “Reset Button”.
6. Then again reset the Internet explorer. This step will solve the resolve the Internet Explorer in Windows 7 & 8.
Fixing the Internet Explorer issues requires you to follow certain steps which are as follows:
1. Find & Delete the faulty .dll file:A user has to manually find & delete all the faulty .dll files. The .dll files damage the Internet Explorer. These files also damages another files that can also damage the entire system. One must follow the other steps such as
• Right click on My Computer then click on “Manage”.
• Click on the “Event Viewer”
• Click on Windows Logs
• Then click on Applications
The user will see long logs list on the right screen.

2. Resetting Security Zone: There are certain Internet explorer errors such as time mismatch or security zones error. These problems can cause Internet Explorer to stop working. One can fix this error by clicking “security Tab”& then click on “Reset all zones to default level” button from the setting tab.

3. Making HTML as Default Player: Internet Explorer stops from various reasons. Browsing internet files, downloading junk files or even playing the video on YouTube. Internet explorer creates a mess when working with Flash as well as Adobe. The solution for the same is to update to HTML5 default player. One can do this following the below steps:

• There will be a button “Request the HTML5 Player”. A user needs to click the button & he/she can make this default player in Internet Explorer.
• A user must have latest version of Internet Explorer or version 11 & above to fulfil this task.

In case, these steps are not sufficient to sort out the issues of internet explorer not working on Windows 8, then you can take the aid of any authentic third-party service provider to resolve this issue.

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