Why Google search Not Working in my phone

Google Search Not Working on Chrome, How to Fix ?

Google Search  Not Working  AND Why it Does Not Working Android Phone or Chrome ?

Google is one of the fastest search engines mostly used by the billions of user on different devices. It inherent in Google Chrome browser and Any Customers Can access it on their Computer, Laptop, Android or iPhone. But now and again users also confront problems when Google search stop effective in Google Chrome. A Wide range of Customer’s faces this problem of Google Search not Working in chrome, whenever they struggle to access Google search on their Google Chrome browser easily. In this blog, You can learn about the procedure to resolve Google search  Does not working problem in few methods.

Solution 1: How to Reset Firewall Settings

If You want to Resetting firewall settings to Default may also resolve the different problems arrived in Google Chrome. If you are reset firewall settings, Follow the below steps –

  • First of all open your Laptop or Computer and then just go to Control Panel.
  • Now Click on Windows Firewall and then appear for Restore defaults option.
  • Now connect on Restore Defaults.
  • After resetting, you need to restart your computer or laptop and then you will see that you’re Google Search Not Working Properly.

Solution 2: Delete your browser history

Now and again unwanted caches and cookies also stop the browser to work. So it is better to delete the history of your browsers to run your Google search engine easily. Apply the below steps to clear the history:

  • Go to the menu of your Google Chrome which is obtainable at top left corner.
  • Tap on History and then scroll down to choose Clear browsing data.
  • Now mark all boxes and then click on Clear browsing data tab.
  • After that, click on Settings and then tap on Show advanced settings from the scroll-down menu.
  • Now tap on Clear browsing data under the Privacy tab.
  • After that, check all the boxes and then click on Clear data to complete the procedure.

Solution 3: How do you Reset Google Chrome

Reset Google Chrome to its default settings you may also resolve this problem very fast way. After reset, Chrome get back to its default settings. If you are unable to reset, go through below information provider steps :

  • First of all, open your Chrome and then click on menu icon.
  • Now click on Settings from the drop down menu.
  • Now click on Show advanced settings tab available at the bottom side of your browser.
  • After that, click on Reset settings.
  • Now Again Click on Reset Settings option to verify the action to restore your Chrome’s settings to default.

Solution 4: Update Google Chrome

From time to time a previous version of Google Chrome also creates problems when you try to search something through Google search. So it is better to update your Chrome to the latest version. If you do not have, then follow the below simple steps for easy solution –

  • First of all open your Chrome and then go to the settings.
  • Now click on the about section accessible at the bottom side.
  • After that, a new window will appear, if your Google Chrome is already updated, then you never see this choice. If it is not updated, then you will notice Update Google Chrome option.
  • Now follow the on screen information to update your Google Chrome.

So after by following the above displaying methods, you can without much of make bigger fix Google search not working on android problem in your Google Chrome.

 How Do You Fix Google Search Not Working in Google Chrome

  • First of all open Google Chrome browser in your system.
  • Now click on the upper right corner that lets You go to your Chrome settings.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and now click on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Now Under “Privacy”, click on “Clear browsing data“.

Checkmarks following four items :

  • Clear browsing history
  • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
  • Clear downloaded history
  • Empty the cache

Not checkmark following :

  • Clear saved passwords
  • Clear saved Auto fill form data
  • Clear data from hosted apps
  • De-authorize content licenses
  • The default setting will be to delete the browsing data for the past hour, past day, past month or from starting. Now, you can change the setting of “Obliterate the following items from…” to a longer period
  • Click on “Clear browsing data”.

In this blog, we have mentioned many ways to solve your Google Search Not Working on Chrome. You can contact us through our website if the solutions mentioned above were worthless. We have a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones. We specialize in solving issues related to online services. Feel free to connect with us by calling on our toll-free number. Our service is available 24X7 to help you.

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