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Gmail Not Working on Iphone or Android Phone

Gmail Not Working on iphone ? Here Is How To Fix Immediately

Envision a situation you are attending an important business meeting and suddenly you confront an embarrassing situation that your Gmail not working in front of your business partners. This is such a situation that can not only let down your business image but can also leave you in a state of utter confusion. Gmail a credible source of business communication can be a cause of issues for you as well.

In this era of technology, people use various platforms for opening emails. You can open it with your laptop, PC, or even IPhones. As IPhone uses iOS that is I phone operating system, it can also encounter some peculiar issues when any Gmail user is attempting to open email on IPhone. What to do in such a situation when Gmail not working on Iphone. Here are some steps to resolve some peculiar issues of Gmail.

Steps to Overcome the Issue

  • The first initial basic step is to check that internet is connected or not. If not connected make sure to connect it.
  • Check that IMAP is enabled or not, when internet is connected.
  • Enable IMAP in Gmail settings, if not enabled. After doing so all the hassles related to operation of Gmail not working on IPhone will be resolved.
  • It becomes quite easy to solve this problem when we are quite well acquainted with the root cause of the problem.
  • If are not able to find the root cause of the issue the problem will be quite difficult to get solved.
  • So Log on to your Gmail account from a computer and check for any alerts.
  • Another option that one can try is to re-set the Captcha and trying login from IPhone. For doing this, go to the Captcha reset page and after that enter your Google credentials properly. Any wrong information will create issues in Captcha reset.
  • If Gmail is not working on Iphone, then in this case, one step that you can take is to check IMAP settings. Most of the users are unaware about this way of fixing Gmail problems on IPhone. Gmail uses IMAP to accomplish its mail exchanging process. So, an important step is Go to your IPhone settings and simply check that IMAP settings are disabled. If disabled, kindly enable it. After that your Gmail account will start working on IPhone.
  • Last but not the least option to solve this issue is to remove the Google account from your IPhone and set it again. This simple step can go a long way in resolving the issues of Gmail Not Opening on IPhone.

How to Fix Gmail Not Working on Android 100%

Gmail is the most fabulous account for establishing reliable communication among the users. Whether you need to schedule a corporate meeting and send invitees to your business partners for it, you can use Gmail to send invitees for it, or if want to check important business emails, don’t wait to sign in Gmail for it. As everyone knows that this is the age of smart communication, but still at this modern age, even quick  communication can come to at halt because of Gmail causes some issues regarding working on android.

There can be issues like Gmail is not opening on your android device, or it is not receiving some emails are some troubles users can confront. If you are also facing the trouble of Gmail not working on Android, then have a glance at some of the important fix that will surely solve this issue

Steps related to fix Gmail not working on Android:

If Gmail is not working on android then don’t worry as there are some effective solutions to it.

  • Check if your android phone is well connect to android phone or not.
  • If android phone is effectively connect to Wi-Fi then you can restart your android device to make this problem sort out.
  • Make sure that you have the most updated version of Gmail, if you still find that gmail does not work . If you are using an obsolete version then upgrade it to the latest version.
  • Sometimes due to excessive utilization of the space and the presence of unnecessary apps, it becomes difficult to operate Gmail effectively, so if you want to make use of Gmail on android, then free some storage space.
  • If nothing works then check your Gmail user name of password entry is correct or not. Sometimes due to typos errors, Gmail does not work properly.
  • If nothing works, then also don’t worry there is a great magical solution of Gmail not working on android. Think of clearing Gmail data to fix the issue of Gmail not working on android.

In this blog, we have mentioned many ways to fix Gmail Not Working on Iphone or Android Phone. You can contact us through our website if the solutions mentioned above were worthless. We have a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones. We specialize in solving issues related to online services. Feel free to connect with us by calling on our toll-free number. Our service is available 24X7 to help you.

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