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How to Fix Gmail Not Working in Chrome

First of all, for solving the problem you must know why your Gmail is not working on chrome. It can be a fault in your chrome browser or it can be fault in your Gmail account.

Why Gmail Not Working in Chrome?

This may happen because of the cache involve in the chrome browser. They stop it to load and take time for loading and later on you get a notice of error on your system. So if you remove the cache from your system or your browser this problem can be easily solved.

How to get Steps for Gmail Not Working in your Chrome browser ?

Browse on incognito mode

If you are browsing on incognito mode it doesn’t save any of the data that you have worked or any of the website that you have opened. This would not create much historic data on your browser and it can run smoothly. For going on incognito mode, you can press CTRL +Shift and N keys at the same time.

Clearing Cache and cookies

Having a lot of unwanted data on your system can create a problem for your system. Removing unwanted software’s or applications on your system can free the space and this can clear cache and cookies as well. So, you need to install a good antivirus and run scan periodically on your system. When you remove these malwares from your system, your system starts working properly.

Upgrade the browser

If your browser is not working even after you have deleted the caches and cookies or even after removing unwanted storage, you can upgrade your browser. Upgrading your browser can refresh your chrome and new version always work smoothly. Upgrading your system also delete virus on your browser.

Use a different browser

If you have tried all these three techniques and still your browser is not working, then you can use a different browser either you can uninstall your chrome browser and install it again. Or you can use a different browser that would surely work for you.

These were the methods that can solve when there is error on your Gmail not working on chrome.

Gmail Not loading on Chrome

Whether you are working in a professional company or as an individual you always require a Gmail account. And when you face problem on your Gmail account, it annoys you to keep on loading it on your chrome browser or your gmail is not working on chrome. This can happen due to some reasons that takes time to load your Gmail on your chrome browser. There are so many other email service providers but Gmail is meant to be the most legit social media for sending and receiving emails. Most of your accounts are connected with your Gmail account. In this blog we will would be solving the loading issue that happens when you run your Gmail account:

Clear browsing data

  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Now you can see three dots on the screen, click on it. Here you can choose the options.
  • Make sure you are clicking on hood, now for clearing browsing data click on the option “clear browsing data”.
  • You can choose the items that you want to remove from your browser.
  • Now when you open your browser after sometime you can find your browser would start working properly.

Scan your system

There are a lot of chances for the malware, freezes or virus on your system, these can infect your system slowly and after some time it can also freeze your browser which can lead to gmail not working in chrome. And to get rid of all these threats you can scan your PC regularly. Scanning your system can remove these harmful viruses from your system.

Use incognito mode

You can use your browser in two different ways, normally or with incognito mode. When you use your browser normally it creates data of every file or website you open on the browser. And day by day this data increases and create a tremendous amount of data in your history. So in spite of using your normal mode you can use incognito mode which will help your browser to get rid of these history data.

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