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Google Chrome Not Working or responding

Full Solution : Google Chrome Not Responding ? Let’s Start

A great headache for all Digi-users may it be iOS, Android and even PC. As Google is widely used everywhere from a small Android phone to Tab. So now how to resolve it different OS such as Android and iOS. Google chrome is one of the fastest browsers that are extremely appreciated by the users. But sometimes unnecessary issues also crop up with Google chrome. People are not able to acquire the best experience with Google Chromes while using it on Mac. For Google chrome not working you will have to follow the steps below.

We people always like to stay on trend, when a new phone is launched we crave to buy it even if it is dress or cosmetics or any other product. The same way many of you would have replaced your PC with the latest Windows 10 which is used highly for the past 2 years. In such case when you face Google Chrome not responding you would feel biased because you feel windows 10 to be upgraded and it becomes vain to fix it anyhow.

Google Chrome Not working For Mobile

Force stop

  • This is like making the app restart so you have to do this to solve Chrome not working
  • iOS – They can easy reboot it by holding both “home” button as well as “wake/Sleep” button.
  • Android –  Here the users must go to settings>Apps>Chrome>Force Stop and then the app will be restarted.

Clear Cache

The Android users can only opt for this way for solving the chrome issue.
Go to settings then Apps and from there you have to go to Chrome and then Storage, there you will find a button as “Clear Cache”.

Change Internet

At times the mobile data maybe not good and at the same time you might have been connected to WIfi which is creating a problem to chrome so you can just switch accordingly.


Make sure you do regular updates of Chrome and also your device for the right functions of the Apps.

Reset Network settings

It means that all the network settings would be removed and it will be back to the factory default.

  • iOS – Settings > General> Reset> Reset Network settings
  • Android –  Settings> General Management> Reset> Reset Network settings.

The same does apply for Windows, PC/Mac by just there is slight variation in doing them. It also has the major steps as for mobiles. You will have to make a keen search on it for good results.

Google Chrome not responding windows 10

Google Chrome not responding windows 10 ? Follow the steps below –

Method 1

In case if you are using a 64-bit version of the Chrome browser then uninstall it and reinstall.
You can go to Google Chrome’s webpage and download it in your PC again.

Method 2-

In your Google Chrome’s browser choose the properties option and then next tap on target which is on the text-box.
You can find a long location to put in the field, you have to remove “-no-sandbox” in the end.  Now, you have to tap on the ok option and then try using chrome.

Method 3-

Enter windows firewall in search and select it after that you have to tap on ” Allow an app through the windows firewall”  and then you have to click on the change settings option which will be present in the left corner.  Then select Google Chrome and tap on Add. As the final set up clicks on ok to complete the settings.

Method 4-

There is a chance for Google Chrome to face the DNS cache issue thus it has to be solved by the command prompt window. Use the Windows key and X key together to open the list to choose the command prompt. After selecting it you have to choose to type ipconfig/flushdns and netsh winsock reset , you have to type both once and tap enter. Now you can run Google chrome.

Google Chrome Not Working on Mac

There can be several instances of Google chrome is running slow on Mac. In such a troubling situation some great solutions can work out best for you. The first solution for this issue is to clear browsing history as soon as possible. You can also think of clearing cache, cookies, and even deleting history of Google chrome. The next solution is to remove added on applications as quickly as possible. So, the best solution of Google chrome working slow on Mac is to disable all unnecessary extensions. One other solution is to install antivirus to root out troubling issues as quickly as possible.

In case, after taking all these solutions to solve the issue of Google chrome running slow on Mac, then you can take some other alternative roots as well. You can take assistance of third-party service providers to root out these issues effectively and it can become the perfect option for you to solve troubling issues.

So, this is usually a troubling situation that what should be done when Google chrome not working on Mac. Some of the key solutions are given below:

Steps to sort out the issues of Google chrome not working on Mac

  • The first step you can take is to check your internet connection.
  • If the internet connection is accurate then you can update chrome to its latest version so that it can work smoothly.
  • Check for any malware in Google chrome. If you find malware then install antivirus immediately to minimize the effects of Google chrome.
  • You can also try to remove any unnecessary extensions.

So, here is the methods for fix the issues related to Google Chrome not working.

Google Chrome Not Working in Windows 10 – Fix Now

Steps for Google chrome not working on Windows 10

  • The first step you can take to root out Wi-Fi issues if any. If everything is Ok then you can take different solutions in this regard.
  • Update the latest version of Google chrome in case Google chrome is not operating effectively on Windows 10.
  • The next solution of this issue is to disable unnecessary extensions as soon as possible.
  • If you are facing this issue still, then make sure to reinstall chrome browser as soon as possible.
  • Next solution of this issue can be to install an antivirus if there is an issue of malware with Google chrome.
  • You can also make an extra effort to make Google chrome work on Windows 10 by clearing history of the browser.

If still this issue exists then you can have a solution of taking a renowned third-party assistance to solve these issues related to Google chrome not working on Windows 10.

Google Chrome Not Responding

There is no doubt that Google chrome is the most used by all of us. In spite of being the most popular browser, users confront several issues in it. For example sometimes it starts responding quite slow, or it does not respond at all. These problems leave the users in a state of utter despair. Have you also suffered such concerns while using Google chrome? If yes, then you can explore the solution of Google chrome not responding here. Have a glance at the following possible solutions when this kind of issue occurs.

Steps to sort out the fixes of Google chrome not responding:

  • If Google chrome is not responding and you are not able to close Microsoft chrome even after trying hard then don’t worry, as you have an alternate fix to this issue as well. Go to task manager and press a combination of control key, shift key and escape key. As soon as you will press these key you will find an option of end Google chrome.
  • Close it by pressing that key.
  • Another cause of Google chrome is not responding can be because it has infected by some malware. For amending this issue download antivirus program and install it in your computer. Remember it must be the updated version only.
  • Next solution can be to clear history and perform cache clearing.

In this blog, we have mentioned many ways to fix Google Chrome not Working . You can contact us through our website if the solutions mentioned above were worthless. We have a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones. We specialize in solving issues related to online services. Feel free to connect with us by calling on our toll-free number. Our service is available 24X7 to help you.

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