how to delete your Google account permanently

Delete or Remove Google Account from Android or iPhone ?

How to Delete Google Account from android or iPhone

Google account is one of the most sought after services by the clients and they love to use this account for accessing their Gmail, blogger account, and other such services. So, in short, Google account is something users love to use and rely on it for using the other services as well. In short, one cannot even think of deleting this account even once. So, what can be the reasons that make the Google account get deleted by the users themselves? Well, to answer such a question is really tricky, but there can be number of reasons that can be attributed to delete Google account as well.

The reasons can be that you yourself want to take a break from Google services and wish to removed your account. The other reason is related to security. Sometimes due to security reasons the need of deleting your Google account is felt. So, here you will get an account of how to delete Google account permanently.

How to Remove Gmail account permanently ?

  • For deleting Google account permanently, you can go to official Google account page.
  • Here you will find an option of settings. After clicking on settings, head over to my account settings page.
  • Now, next step you are required to take is to click on account preference option.
  • After clicking it, scroll down so that you can have a look at the option of delete my Google account and data.
  • After clicking on it, you will get your google account, permanently.
  • If you want to check that your account is still deleted or not, you can choose the option of entering your password.
  • After doing this you will have access to all the information that has been deleted.
  • Now, in the next step, in case you also wish to get rid of the data, you can select and tick to boxes to make it deleted.
  • Click confirm on delete google data permanently and you will get rid of your Google data as well.

In case, you confront any trouble in the steps of how to delete your Google account permanently, then you can take the assistance of Google customer support or take the services of a renowned third-party service provider.

How to Delete Google Account on android

There is no exaggeration in saying that Google account is a panacea for operating Gmail account successfully along with some other amenities like accessing blogger account and you tube etc. But sometimes due to some unavoidable reasons different individuals do not want to continue their Google account and wish to delete that Google account. Do you also wish to delete your Google account as you no longer require it? If yes, then don’t worry as you can scroll below to know about how to delete Google account on android.

Steps to Delete Google account on android 

This can be quite a troubling situation in case you wish to delete Google account on your android phone and don’t know how to do it. It is not necessary to perform factory reset if you wish to remove Google account.

  • First of open any web browser in your android phone and go directly to accounts. Once you go to accounts, and then choose system settings.
  • After that in the next step, you can choose Google account so that you can carry on the further deletion process smoothly.
  • Now go to menu button and choose remove account and select remove account.
  • Congratulations, with these simple steps your Google account can be deleted on android.
  • With these simple steps you are not required to perform factory reset to remove your Google account.

If you confront any trouble in these steps then don’t despair as you have some alternate options with you also. In case of any doubt you can go to Google account recovery page or you can choose to contact any third-party reliable option to know how to delete Google account.

Remove Google account from android

The significance of Google account is easily understood by one and all. Due to its extremely precious and user-friendly features it has won the hearts of millions of users. Life is extremely uncertain and so as the requirements are also quite uncertain. So, in such a scenario of unexpectedness you can never imagine when you will be required to remove Google account on android. Are you also feeling this need from a long time as you are unaware of this process? Don’t worry here you will get an account to remove Google account on android.

Step By Step process How to remove Google account from android 

  • Removing the account from your iPhone is so easy, you just have to make few clicks and your task is done.
  • Pick your iPhone and open the Settings App.
  • In Setting App, you will get an option of Accounts, tap on the accounts option.
  • Now, the screen will list all the accounts that you use on your iphone.
  • As you want to remove Google account, tap on the Google option.
  • Once Google option is selected, you will get a list of all the Google accounts which have been added in your iPhone.
  • Tap on the account which you want to remove.
  • You will then see an option to sync your account or remove the account.
  • This is how you can easily remove an added Google account from your iPhone.

If you confront any issues in order to remove Google account on android, then in this case you can count of any renowned third-party service that can understand your complex issues and solve them.

Remove Google account from iPhone

Different individuals are becoming more and more tech savvy and therefore use of several accounts such as Google account is on rise. If you wish to access Gmail services, use blogger account, or access you tube the use of Google account comes as a panacea.

With such a vast magnificence of the Google account, people love to use the Google account. But in life there comes the time, when you no longer need the services of Google account. If you are using iPhone and wish to delete Google account on iPhone. Then, have a quick glance at the below mentioned tips.

Some other Steps

With the following steps you can delete Google account on iPhone:

  • Delete Google account is an easy affair. First of all you must go to the Google account settings page using your iPhone.
  • After that move further to the data tools page. Once you reach data tools page you will find an account management section over there.
  • Now, move ahead and go to account management section and click on delete Google account.
  • In the next step now your Google account will ask a question that do you wish to delete Google account permanently, Click yes.
  • Now, since you have clicked yes you will require submitting an alternate email Id to delete your Google account.
  • After that you will receive a link on the alternate email Id. In case of such a situation you will click on the link received.
  • As soon as you click on that link your Google account will get deleted from your I-phone.

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